Prospective dosing

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After selecting a drug model you may modify any of the displayed model parameters (+/- 25% of default parameters):

Target peak,  peak predict time, and target trough.
Length of infusion
Dosing weight and Vd per kg, used to calculate Volume of distribution:

Vd = DW x Vd L/kg (x CF)

Nonrenal and Renal constants,  used to calculate elimination rate or clearance:

Kel (or CL) = Nonrenal + [Renal x CrCl]


Note: default model parameters are changed with the drug model editor.


Pediatric dosing

Please note that prospective pediatric dosing is weight-based instead of kinetic based, because of the inaccuracy of pediatric creatinine clearance methods.


Extended interval

EI dosing is enabled if:

1.the model supports extended-interval dosing (aminoglycosides), and
2.the patient is an adult, and
3.the CrCl is greater than 30 ml/min.





Ideal dose calculation



Click the Calculate button to display the Kel, Vd, and the ideal dosing regimen for the patient and model selected.


You then enter a practical dose and interval.  The program will calculate and display an estimated steady-state peak and trough level.


To view the dose in mg/kg, hover the mouse pointer over the dose input box.


Please Note:

After a dose and interval are entered, the Print and View Graph functions are enabled.

If you wish to have a serum level graph printed on your dosing consult, click  the View Graph icon graphbtn then click Save Graph.



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