More Power (arr, arr, argh)

Tim “the tool man” approves.

“More models”.. I get this request often, and my usual answer is, in as nice a way as possible, do the work yourself lazy ass. I gave you the tools, learn how to use them.

But most people don’t get it. This sh*t isn’t carved into stone tablets by the hand of God. The way pharmacists are taught these days everything has to be in writing somewhere. So, here it is: Wagner: Fundamentals of Pharmacokinetics, nineteen-f**king-SEVENTY-FIVE. Yup, that’s right, almost FORTY f**king years ago. You weren’t even a gleam in your daddy’s eye. So, look it up old school in an actual lie-bary (sic) because it ain’t on the f**king inter-webs.

I’ve described the Wagner method before, in great detail here . No lie-bary required!

And now I’ve done all that work for you too! All it takes is a suck-up email to appeal to my altruism: “I like your program a lot because it is serious about PK/PD and pushes the concept of PK target attainment. As such, to optimize dosing with Abx is critical and apps to me are the future. I request that you build out the PK ability to dose other common beta lactams as well as the aztreonam and ceftazidime. I realize this can be done by entering the necessary parameters in the customizable part of the app but it would be easier for us if this was built in.”

Well, here it is.

I’ve also built the functionality to download these models into the Antibiotic Kinetics for Windows program.

AbPK how to
More Models!

Eventually this functionality will be added to the iOS and Android versions.

Group sing-along:

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