Got home from a long night at work and checked my email to find this friendly FYI:

Hi Rick,
This is Steve ####.
Hope life is treating you well
FYI- your site rxkinetics.net coming up with “something unexpected” on home page.

So I went to rxkinetics.net and found this lovely NSFW message (without the scambling).

The graffiti

Wow, hacked! Just like the big boys, I feel so special now .

Really? I think these losers would have something better to do than vandalize my insignificant little corner of the internet.

I sent a support ticket to Lunarpages, then discovered that typing in the full url bypassed the graffiti:

It was a long night and I was dead tired, so I emailed Steve back and went to sleep.

About noon I woke up and checked my email. There was no reply from Lunarpages, so I got out of bed and dug into the web site files.

There were four suspicious .asp files on the site. They stuck out like a sore thumb because I don’t use .asp files on this web site:

  • pageface.asp
  • sin.asp
  • crx.asp
  • default.asp

None of the correct files were changed. I deleted the four rogue files and the site went back to normal.

Then I changed my ftp password and asked Lunarpages if there was anything else I needed to do. Well, it’s been over eight hours since I started the support ticket and I’ve yet to receive a response from Lunarpages. I’m pretty disappointed, because up to this point, they’ve always been quick to reply and provide help.

All of this makes me wonder if this was an inside job from a disgruntled employee at Lunarpages.

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