Hacked again

Hacked again

Received an email from Google today:

  • Hacking suspected: http://rxkinetics.net/
  • Unfortunately, it appears that your site has been hacked.

What does it mean to have pages marked with the hacked site type “URL injection” in Search Console?

This means a hacker has created new pages on your site, often containing spammy words or links.

Typically, hackers modify your site in one of these ways:

  • By gaining access to an insecure directory on your server. For example, you may have inadvertently left a directory with open permissions. Nope, no anonymous FTP is allowed.
  • By exploiting a vulnerability in software running on your site, such as a content management system. For example, you might be running an older, insecure version of WordPress. Nope, don’t have WordPress or any content management system.
  • By hacking third-party plugins that you use on your site, such as visitor counters. Nope, no 3rd party plugins on this site.

None of the above are true, I believe they discerned my password yet again with a brute force attack.

List of alerts from Google:

It looks like they’ve been attacking my web site since March when it was defaced:

Apparently they were searching for pages they could target. They searched for links common on most web sites, e.g. “Cart” and “FAQ” and “Feed back”. None of which exist on this web site.

I removed the spammy content, and changed my password yet again. I plan on changing password every week now. I wonder how long it takes Google to remove my site from their hacked sites list (sigh).

LunarPages support response was helpful, “we are planning to upgrade the Operating System that is used by your shared windows environment within the next months that will ensure that your Operating System is updated and will add a new layer of protection on your website security.” And they scanned my site for malware:

I’m beginning to think all this hassle just isn’t worth it anymore. It’s nearly impossible to get an email through anymore. I’ve resorted to using Gmail as my mail server, but even then many of my emails replies are rejected. My ListServ is a joke, the only requests are from spammers and scammers pushing the 3-P’s (Pills, porn and poker).

The terrorists have won.

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