APK beta

More testing and tweaks. Sporadic “Range check” errors in Vista and Win7 when saving data, not seen on dev machine, appear to eminate from topaz, no way to know for sure. More disappearing components in Vista and Win7, brought all to front, seemed to fix. Changed input dialogs from kg_input to tzdialog after adding main form centering.

Summary of changes/improvements:
– Added ability to Re-size the main forms
Database improvements
– Added a log in password for HI-TECH Act compliance.
– Added data encryption for HI-TECH Act compliance.
– Added automatic retrieval if patient record already exists.
– Added duplicate new user check.
– Added duplicate model name check during copy.
Consult form improvements
– Added ability to edit “canned” consult comments.
– Added Time to consult print-out.
– Added option to print PK/PD parameters.
– Added “copy to clipboard” function you can paste into an EMR.
– Added barcode print option to consult form.
Monitoring form improvements
– Added MS Word doc template for printing monitoring form.
Reporting improvements
– Updated report writer component
– Added export to Excel function to report writer
– Added regression graph to population analysis function.
– Added log in viewer.
Tools improvements
– Added Levels scheduler.
– Added “Save” function to PK/PD parameter dialog.

Testing 1-2-3-4

One thought on “APK beta

  1. I had forgotten about my Win2K laptop, so I drug it out and tested the app on it. Well of course there is a bug. Status panel[1] is not displaying the user log in name. Weird, because it works fine in the version compiled with Delphi 3, must be a bug in the D11 wrapper for the Win2K common control. After trying multiple code hacks for 2 hours, I finally decided to scrap TStatusBar and try the DevExpress dxStatusBar. That fixed it. I never thought this update would be such a pain.