Weekly wrap up

Pharmacists are required to determine calcium and phosphate compatibility in TPN solutions. The most reliable method is to visually evaluate compatibility with a solubility curve. Solubility curves are incorporated into the TPNassist program, and I wanted to see if I could duplicate that in a web page. After playing around with google chart wizard for a couple of hours I was able to produce a good looking graph.Calcium phosphate solubility curve

The next step was to break down and reassemble the URL generated by chart wizard in order to create a curve with a marker for specific calcium and phosphorous concentrations. The result of this effort is found on the web site’s TPN osmolarity calculator.

In other news, all versions of AbPK that were submitted in the last month have been approved at various online “stores”. But the reality is, I have given these multimillion dollar corporations a license to steal from what little money I make from this low selling niche app. All of these stores take 25-30% right off the top of the retail price. Amazon also charges $100 per year just for the “privilege” of hosting an app. They (and Apple) don’t even attempt to disguise the fact that they are picking the pockets of app developers.

At least Blackberry was giving away a free Playbook if your app was approved. Of course they drug their feet for weeks, and didn’t approve the app until after their giveaway expired. But according to the terms of their giveaway offer, the app had to be submitted before March 2, which it was. So, we’ll see if they actually follow through. 

App store links:

Amazon Android app store (Kindle fire)

Amazon Android app store (phones, etc)

Barnes and Noble (Nook Color)

Blackberry App World (Blackberry Playbook)

And finally, I found some time to throw together a how-to screen-cast for the Android version of AbPK:

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  1. RIM came through: “We’re pleased to inform you that your app submission qualifies for the free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet offer.”