Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Since I have failed spectacularly at adding ajax to my 2.0 web apps, I’ve been looking for alternatives. NS Basic/App Studio is a newer web application builder that is approaching maturity. NS Basic/Palm has been in my toolbox for 12+ years, it’s what I used to write PalmOS programs. Their latest product, App Studio, takes an easy to comprehend, integrated approach to building javascript enabled web apps.

I’ve been trying it out for a couple of days, to get a feel for what it can do and how the code functions. Below is a screenshot of the patient data entry screen of AbPK on an iPod touch. Aesthetically, it’s much more pleasing to the eye than the current version.

Abpk_NSbasic_iOSIt doesn’t do much yet, other than calculating CrCl, but feel free to try it out here: AbPK web app

The main advantage of App studio is, I can deploy it on my Linux server and drop the expensive Microsoft server, leaving that hard to manage crud as a bad memory.

The only problem is, NS Basic/App studio is targeted for handheld devices. On the desktop it will run under the Chrome and Safari browsers on Windows and OSX, but fails to run under Firefox or Internet Explorer.  The average corporate Joe, working under the thumb of an oppressive IT dept, won’t be able to run this app on his locked down desktop at work.  Then again, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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