iPhone app, so what

RxKinetics now has an iPhone app on the iTunes store.

So what, this is nothing new. The RxKinetics WebApp has been available for years.

This is only news because most iPhone people never explore outside their exclusive private app store. If an iApp doesn’t come from iTunes, then it apparently doesn’t exist. Why? Part of the reason may be that sense of belonging to a privileged and exclusive club which is an essential ingredient of the Apple mystique. Belonging is as much a human need as is shelter or love, and Apple’s marketing has masterfully manipulated that basic human need which exists within us all.

“Apple’s gizmos aren’t just cleverly designed computers: as the lines last week indicated, they are socioeconomic and cultural signifiers. Even when it turns out that some of these very same products are produced in sweatshop conditions redolent of nineteenth-century Manchester, many smart, affluent, and educated people want to be seen sporting them. Sorry, that is an understatement. They absolutely have to have them.” How Long will the Cult of Apple Endure? The New Yorker

Here’s the link… so what:
AbPK available on iTunes

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