Adventures in JavaScript Land

A whip used as an instrument of punishment.

Of all the scourges inflicted on developers, the JavaScript/jQuery/CSS/HTML5 model has to be the worst.

What bothers me about this paradigm is the drain in productivity. So much time is wasted on the most basic task, page layout.

Coding HTML has always reminded me of hand-writing TurboPascal code back in the Eighties (which I actually enjoyed). But CSS/jQuery adds a mind-numbing and eye-straining verbosity that tests the patience of the most dogged developer.

Is there a limit to how many div tags a page can have? Does every element need an identical name and id tag? jQuery mobile grid layout actually makes me wistful for tables.

And, like so many other programming languages, books, tutorials and examples only take you about halfway there.

Too many ‘helpful’ CSS web sites consist of stupid pet tricks – how to code some silly visual effect, with little practical coding examples.

My problem is, I’ve yet to find a decent editor to improve productivity. Dreamweaver came close, but its’ Mac-like quirks keep putting me off.

Every time I work in JavaScript, this song plays in my head.

Whipping Post

Hour after hour of ass-numbing coding this week produced but this one web page, which has very limited functionality:


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