WebApps Update

Finished the rewrite of the rxkinetics.net web site this week.

DripCharts© and TPNassist© were both changed to use cookies instead of server memory.

Looking at the traffic statistics, it doesn’t look like anyone is using the TPN program. But I spent 3 days working on it anyway.

Highlights of the TPNassist© changes:

  • Improved the layout on all the pages.
  • Improved the electrolyte calculations.
  • Improved the TPN summary report.
  • Added user-friendly error pages.
  • Added email functionality to the enteral summary page.
  • Updated the nutritional assessment calculations per latest recommendations.
  • Wrapped all database calls in Try..Finally blocks to decrease errors.

Finally, and what I’m most proud of, I added Calcium Phosphate solubility curve generation to the electrolytes assessment.

Maybe someone will start using the app, but I’m not expecting it. Most aren’t willing to invest the time to learn how helpful this app can be.

Time for a beer.

One thought on “WebApps Update

  1. Today I finally figured out how to increase the size of the lines in the nutritional assessment grid.

    I was following Microsoft’s example code to a “T”
    How to Set Pen Width and Alignment

    But, as is usually the case, the devil is in the details. No one ever gives you the complete story. They give you just enough information to frustrate you. By trial and error I found out why it wasn’t working. I was declaring the Pen object inside the DrawGrid subroutine. For some silly reason, it has to be declared globally. I never would have guessed that.

    Anyway, the grid looks much better now: