Downloading and installing a program demo

How do I download?

  1. After you click the file name your web browser will pop up a window asking if you want to save or open the file, select "Save it to disk" then click OK.

  2. Next, your browser will ask you to choose the "Save in" folder, choose your Desktop.
    Save as

  3. A window will then pop up displaying the progress of the download and how much time remains.

  4. After the demo is successfully saved to your computer

  5. First, you will see a "Welcome" dialog. Click the "Next" button on this dialog to begin the install.


  6. Next, you will see an "License Agreement" dialog. Please read this screen, select "I accept", then click the "Next" button to continue the install.


  7. Next, you will see a "Select Destination Directory" dialog. It's usually best to stick with the default, click "Next" to continue"


  8. Setup will then display a "Finished" dialog informing you that the application has been installed on your PC.

  9. After the demo installation is complete, you may delete the downloaded file from your Desktop, it is no longer needed, simply drag it over to your Recycle Bin.

Where is the file I downloaded?

This is the most common mistake people make, they don't pay attention when choosing the "Save in" folder (step 2 above).

If you didn't save the file to your desktop, the easiest way to find the downloaded file is to use the Windows Find utility.

  1. Click the Start button on the Windows task bar, move the pointer up to Find, then Click on Files or Folders.

  2. Type in the name of the file you need to find then click the "Find now" button:
    Program File name
    APK© Apkdemo.exe
    Kinetics© Kn32demo.exe
    UD Labels© Labeldmo.exe

  3. After the file is found, double click on the demo icon to begin the installation.

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