DripCharts© for Windows™ Desktop - Palm OS™

DripCharts© is a simple, easy-to-use tool for creating IV infusion rate charts. DripCharts© includes database support so that you can customize it with your institution's standard IV drips. The 32-bit Windows version is multi-user enabled for installation on your network server.

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System requirements
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Features of DripCharts©

DripCharts© combines comprehensive database and reporting functions into a single user-friendly package.

System requirements for DripCharts©

Windows Desktop
Operating Systems
All 32-bit WindowsTM OS
(or 64-bit Windows) :
95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8

128 MB of RAM
2 MB of available hard disk space

Palm OS
Operating Systems
Palm OSTM v3.0 or higher
Palm OSTM v5 ready

200 KB (0.3MB) of free RAM

Tested on the following PalmOS devices:

  • Handspring Visor, Treo
  • Palm III, V, VII, m105, m505, Tungsten, Zire
  • Samsung SPH i500
  • Sony Clie
  • Symbol 1500, Symbol 1740
We know of no reason why it will not work with all Palm 3.x or higher units.

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Download DripCharts©

DripCharts© is not a demo or a trial version, it is a fully functioning program which does not expire. This program is marketed under the shareware concept. Shareware is distributed electronically and not on hard media. Although this program does not expire, it may have some features disabled. Shareware is "try it before you buy it" software, which gives you the opportunity to try the software, and determine if it fits your needs. If you find the program useful, then please register your copy to support the author's efforts.

Purchase DripCharts©

If you find the program useful then please register your copy to support the author's efforts, the registration fee for a personal use license is a very modest $25, the business site license is only $125. You will receive a serial number to register your copy which will remove the start up delay and print your institution's name on the charts.

Handheld versions require that you provide the User Name when purchasing your registration. The combination of User Name and serial number are used to validate your registration. The user name is found on the registration screen, please note that this data is case-sensitive.

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