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Finally found the time and courage to change web hosts. I am sure that frequent visitors to this web site have become as frustrated as I have with the poor service level and slow server response.

I started this web site in 1998 using a local hosting company, They provided great service at a reasonable price. After the dot com bust, Communitech was purchased by a large corporation, Interland. From that point on the service has been circling the drain, getting worse with each passing day.

I've had quite a few problems with my web mail in the last few months. I finally called Interland customer service and, after a few seconds on the phone with the rude support person, I remembered why I quit calling them. Interland employs some of the rudest and hostile customer service people I've ever dealt with.

The final straw occurred this week when, every single day I was unable to retrieve email for hours at a time. After months of research I decided to take the plunge. Lunar Pages has fast Linux servers with 99% uptime. They also offer some nice web site amenities which I hope to be taking advantage of to improve the web site over the next few months. So far the transition has been fairly seamless.

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