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These programs are not demo's or trial versions, they do not expire, and they are free to use for educational, non-commercial use.

We do however ask for a small donation if you find the software useful in your practice. This is the only way we know whether to continue further development of the software.

FreeKin© Modeler for Windows™

FreeKin© is a tool developed to help translate the literature data into a practical pk model useful for designing dosing regimens. A one-compartment open model is created, via a wizard interface, using literature values of half-life, volume of distribution and target serum levels.

Half-life Calculator© for Windows™

Half-life calculator© is a tool for calculating and graphing pk parameters based on serum level data.

KinPlot© for Windows©

KinPlot© is a pharmacokinetic plotting application intended to be a learning tool for pharmacy students to visualize basic pharmacokinetic concepts of 1-compartment models.

Lithium Dose Predictor© for Windows™ and MacOS™

Lithium Dose Predictor© is an application for calculating lithium dosage requirements utilizing either of the following methods:

  • Single point Perry method
  • Two point Perry method
  • Single point Cooper method
  • Zetin predictive equation

PK_calc© for Windows™

PK_calc© is a tool for predicting non-steady-state serum levels from an open, one-compartment linear model. The program is designed to use the "Pharmacokinetic Data" table in the Appendix of Goodman and Gillman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (not included!).

Antibiotic Kinetics© for DOS

This is a text based program which runs under Windows 3.x and 9x, but not Windows NT/2000/XP. It is a fast and functional program which features patient database support, serum level plots, and reporting functions. It is a Function Key driven program which does not support mouse clicks. Antibiotic Kinetics© for DOS does NOT include Bayesian or pediatrics. This program is absolutely free, no shareware payment required or requested. Download the installer onto your Desktop or c:\temp folder, then click on the APKDOS icon to begin the installation.

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