RikiTikiWiki© for Windows™

RikiTikiWiki© is a desktop wiki, an information sharing tool for collecting and organizing shared knowledge into a hyper-linked, searchable database.

What is a wiki?

Shortened from the Hawaiian word for quickly (wikiwiki), wiki has also been described by the "backronym" What I Know Is.

Wiki software provides a framework for organizing a freely expandable collection of hyperlinked pages. Documents are authored collectively using a simple markup scheme. The resulting collaborative hypertext document, called a wiki, is produced by a community of users.

The original WikiWikiWeb was established in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, who invented and named the Wiki concept and produced the first implementation of a WikiWiki server.

RikiTikiWiki© is based on Notebook, a desktop wiki written by Will Duquette.

Practical application

The implementation of a hospital pharmacy department wiki was described in a paper presented by Rick Tharp at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting December 2006:

An article written by Rick also appeared in the trade publication Pharmacy Purchasing and products:

One problem with the tools traditionally used to distribute information is their volatility. A note written on a white board is here today and erased tomorrow. Sticky notes become unstuck and swept into the trash. Memos and e-mails are read, discarded, and often forgotten.

A wiki is a simple, yet powerful, tool for distribution of information which also provides a readily available and retrievable knowledge base.

The information to be included in a pharmacy wiki is limited only by one's grasp of the wiki concept. Examples of wiki content are:

Features of RikiTikiWiki©

System requirements for RikiTikiWiki©

32-bit Windows OS:


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RikiTikiWiki© is free for educational, non-commercial use.



  1. Install the program into a shared folder on the network.
  2. Give all staff full read/write privileges to the shared folder.
  3. Encourage all staff to embrace "the wiki way".

Donate to support further development of RikiTikiWiki© for Windows

RikiTikiWiki© is free for educational, non-commercial use.

We do however ask for a small donation if you find the software useful in your practice. This is the only way we know whether to continue further development of this software.


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