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Your first consult



The basic steps to create a dosing consult are:

1.Enter patient data

Shortcut: use the Tab key to move between fields.


2.Select dosing method: Prospective dosing or Serum level analysis.

Please note: until all patient data has been correctly entered, the Select dosing method options are disabled. If you cannot select a dosing option, double check the patient height, weight, age, and serum creatinine. See the Patient data topic for patient data limits.


3.Select a drug model from the drop down selection box.

If analyzing serum levels, select an analysis method then enter serum level data.


4.Click Calculate button
If Prospective dosing was selected, you may modify the model defaults before clicking the calculate button.
If Serum level analysis was selected, enter the serum level data and the dose from which the data was derived before clicking the calculate button.


5.Enter a recommended dose and interval.


6.View serum level graph by clicking View/Graph on the menu bar or by clicking the Graph icon on the tool bar.Please note: if you wish to have a serum level graph printed on your dosing consult, click the Save button on the View Graph window.


7.Print a consult form clicking File/Print on the menu bar or clicking the Print icon on the toolbar.

Please note: until a dose and interval has been correctly entered, the Print option is disabled.


8.Print a monitoring form by clicking File/Print on the menu bar or by clicking the Monitor icon on the toolbar.


Getting Help

Context-sensitive help is available at any time in the program simply by pressing the F1 Key.  You may also access the contents of the built-in help system by clicking the help button on the tool bar, or by clicking help on the drop down menu tree.


There is a wealth of information contained within the built-in help system, please familiarize yourself with it.


Please register

If you find this software to be useful, please support the efforts of the author by purchasing a registration code.  Registration also activates Bayeisan serum level analysis.




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