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Prospective dosing


After you click on the drug selection box,  you may select a drug model by either:

Clicking the scroll bar to scroll through the list of available drugs, or
Typing in a drug name. The program will match the available drug models with what you type, as you type it.


After the model is selected, you may change the length of infusion and edit any of the model parameters:

Target peak and trough.

Dosing weight and Vd per kg, used to calculate Volume of distribution:

Volume of distribution = DW x Vd L/kg

Nonrenal and Renal constants,  used to calculate either Kel or CL (depending on the model selected):

Kel (or CL)  = Nonrenal + [Renal x CrCl]


Click the calculate button to display the Kel, Vd, and the Ideal dosage regimen for the selected patient, model, and peak and trough targets.

Enter a practical dose and interval.  The program then displays an estimated steady-state peak and trough level.


Alternatively you may click on the Targeted AUC button to calculate a Vancomycin dose based on a target AUC/MIC ratio.

See the Targeted AUC dosing topic for more information



After a dose and interval are entered, the Print and View Graph functions are enabled.



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