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To edit the default settings:

Click File on the menu bar then click Settings



Because this function is so powerful, it is password protected. Please note: the program ships without a password.  The first time you access this function it will ask for a password.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the edit drug models and database maintenance functions, so choose one that  you can easily remember. Contact the author if you should lose or forget your password.


IDMS creatinine adjustments

Select the checkbox to adjust for IDMS SrCr
Enter the adjustment equation from your lab


Minimum serum creatinine

Select the checkbox to always use a minimum SrCr for CrCl calculations.
oMany clinicians utilize a minimum SrCr as a precautionary measure.
Enter the minimum you wish to use.
oMany clinicians utilize a minimum SrCr of 0.8.


Creatinine clearance weight adjustment

Creatinine is produced by muscle.
oMany clinicians use lean body weight to calculate CrCl.
Some clinicians also make an adjustment for patients with larger BMI.
o Enter the percentage of weight above LBW to use in the CrCl calculation.
o Enter the starting BMI.


Demographics settings

Default height and weight entry is metric, to switch to avoirdupois uncheck this box.
Default creatinine entry is mg/dL, to switch to µmol/L uncheck this box.


Check website monthly for update

The program will check the website monthly for the current version.
Uncheck this box to prevent internet access.








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