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Interface specs


Antibiotic Kinetics© may be interfaced with a patient data system (eMR):

Patient data may be passed from your eMR to AbPK via the command line.
This is a one-way interface, AbPK cannot access your eMR!


There are 12 fields in the parameter string.  Each field must be followed by the caret symbol (^), including the last field.  The first 11 fields are required.  The drug model name is optional. The parameter string must be enclosed in double quotes.


Required fields:

1.User login name
2.Patient name (preferred format is Lastname, Firstname)
3.Medical record number
4.Attending physician name
5.Location (ie, room number)
6.Date of birth (required format is MM/DD/YYYY)
7.Height in cm
8.Weight in Kg
9.Gender (M or F)
10.Date SrCr drawn (required format is MM/DD/YYYY)
11.Serum creatinine in mg/dL
12.Drug model name (optional)


Important note:

The parameter string must be enclosed in double quotes.


An example:

[path to executable]\abpk.exe "Rick Tharp^Clapton, Eric^5895746^King^S3245^01/17/1947^182.9^75^M^1^01/17/2006^Vancomycin CL^"






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