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PK model fields


All fields are required, they cannot be blank.




Model Name

Usually just one word, however, if you wish to enter multiple models for the same drug, for different patient populations, then enter two words. For example, if you have a gentamicin model that you use for burn patients you would enter Gentamicin burn.




Volume of distribution, Liters per kg.




Vd correction factor for obesity, ie., what fraction of excess body fat over lean body weight is used in the Vd calculation, ie, a reflection of the drug's lipid solubility.



Target Peak

Target peak mcg/ml



Peak predict time

Time, in minutes after the end of the infusion, at which the targeted peak occurs.



Target Trough

Target trough mcg/ml



Infusion time

Standard infusion length in minutes



EI dose

Daily dose for extended-interval aminoglycoside dosing, otherwise enter zero



Kel / CL selection

Select whether the regression equation is used to calculate Rate constant or Clearance.




The slope of the regression equation for Kel or CL:

NonRenal + (CrCl x Renal)




The slope of the regression equation for Kel or CL:

Nonrenal + (CrCl x Renal)



Pediatric dose

Initial dose in mg/kg for 8 days to 11 years of age.



Pediatric interval

Initial interval (hours).



Neonatal dose

Initial dose in mg/kg for 1 to 7 days of age.



Neonatal interval

Initial interval (hours)



Permit level analysis

Check this box if you are able to measure serum levels for this model.





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