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Antibiotic Kinetics© for Windows
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Version history

Most recent update

    2.2.1 - First commercial release
    2.2.2 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added monitoring form Added support for pediatrics Added graph support and printing.
    2.2.3 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added models database. Added additional serum level analysis options. Bug fix: graph did not always print correctly.
    2.2.4 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added copy function to model editing. Bug fix: right click on weight not working Added another serum level analysis option: steady-state 2- or 3-point. Added a "Copy" button to the model editing screen. Tweaked the ped CrCl equations. Bug fix: model editing dialog. Bug fix: correct prospective model not selected.
    2.2.5 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Bug fix: Right click on weight not working Bug fix: Trough line not displayed on graph
    2.2.6 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added approach to steady-state on serum level graph
    2.2.7 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added Bayesian analysis
    2.2.8 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added multiple creatinine clearance methods
    2.2.9 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Minor bug fixes
    2.2.10 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Minor bug fixes
    2.2.11 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Minor bug fixes
    2.2.12 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added ODA nomogram display. Added PK/PD parameter calculation.
    2.2.13 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added U3 compatibility.
    2.2.14 - Features added/bugs fixed 2.2.15 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Bug fix - Not accepting decimal input in demographics.
    2.2.17 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Bug fix - Graph save routine.
    2.2.18 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added - Half-life display for prospective dosing.
    2.3.1 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Vista compatibility: New compiler (Delphi 2007). Vista compatibility: Changed to HTML help. Vista compatibility: Changed to MSI installer. Vista compatibility: Added digital signature. Added - Web update.
    2.3.2 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added loading dose to prosective method and serum level graph Fixed no border on graph Updated help file
    2.3.3 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added IDMS creatinine MDRD method. Improved CrCl calculation for LBW infants.
    2.3.4 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Improved peds prospective method.
    2.3.5 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added word templates for monitoring and order forms.
    2.3.6 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Capture number of copies from print dialog.
    2.3.7 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Change default CrCl to C&G Lean body weight. Changed dialogs to JvDSADialogs.
    2.3.8 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Improved word template search/replace.
    2.3.9 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added X,Y scale adjustment to serum level graph window. Fixed delete model dialog.
    2.3.10 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added IDMS CREAT option. Added BMI calculation. Added Tss90 and Tss95 calculation to consult. Added Autopopulate consultant name from Windows login. Fixed help display when running remotely.
    2.3.11 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added mg/kg dose display via mouse hover.
    2.3.12 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Fixed missing dosing weight on consult print out. Updated help file.
    2.3.13 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added Adjust CL to LBW option. Changed Single-point Bayesian to allow analysis of level outside of dosing interval. Added Adjust SrCr for IDMS method & MinSrCr.
    2.3.14 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added free text infusion time option. Fixed access violation error on graph function.
    2.3.15 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added BMI to monitoring form print-out. Changed LBW display to computed LBW (was lesser of computed vs actual).
    2.3.16 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Fixed rare consult print-out with tiny font.
    2.3.17 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Changed adjusted body weight formula for CrCl abw calculation. Changed Vancomycin model names. Added technical support dialog. Added check for proper printer paper size. Updated help file.
    2.3.18 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added automatic update availability check. Added BMI to consult form. Fixed yes/no dialog default button. Changed AdjBW for CrCl to 20%.
    2.3.19 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added detail to 'Outlier' dialog. Added Bayesian goodness-of-fit to results dialog. Improved graph printing. Improved consult print-out: added method used, model selected. Improved Non-steady-state dialog. Fixed Reset button on Nomogram graph display. Fixed: prospective peds (wt based) model prediction. Updated help file.

    2.3.20 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added [Pk/PD] shortcut button to dosing recommendation frames. Cosmetic changes to icons and toolbars. Updated default pediatric vanco dosing to q 6 hrs. Improved F1 help system: now using chm format and xCHM for intranet display. Updated help file.
    2.3.21 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added automatic graph generation for consult. Added web download for optional models. Added bitmaps to menus. Added print to PDF option for consult. Updated help file.
    2.3.22 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Renamed Non-steady-state to Pre-steady-state. Added steady-state status to consult. Updated help file.
    2.3.23 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Added predicted AUC display to screen. Added AUC to consult in analysis section. Added predicted AUC (or PKPD) to consult in recomendation section. Added hint to display T90% and T95% when mousing over PK parameter frames. Added "kg/m2" to BMI display & print-out. Fixed graphing for 90 min infusion with 8 hr interval. Updated help file.
    2.3.24 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Fixed graphing loading dose. Fixed Other CrCl bug.
    2.3.25 - Features added/bugs fixed
      Cosmetic changes.
    2.3.26 - Features added/bugs fixed
    • Added height/weight and SrCr options to settings.
    • Disabling update checks now disables all internet access (More models).
    • Increased max weight to 299 kg.
    • Added Targeted AUC dosing.
    • Allow levels outside dosing interval to accomodate late draws.
    • Added free text infusion time to Retrospective dosing.
    • Clarified wording of checks to 2- and 3- point analysis.
    • Replaced DripCharts button with Targeted AUC button.
    • Improved AUC calculations (log-trap and bedside).
    • Improved Other CrCl calculations for IDMS CREAT & Jelliffe multi-step.
    • Replaced save to PDF to 'Copy consult to clipboard' for eMR.
    • Fixed some quirks on the consult print-out.
    • Update Blank_PK_monitor.doc.
    • Updated help file (added AUC equations).

    November 2021

    2.3.27 - Features added/bugs fixed
    • Added password to settings & model editor dialogs.
    • Added hint to display the SrCr being used in the CrCl calc.
    • If IDMS is not selected in settings dialog, then hide that choice on main dialog.

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