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About Registering Antibiotic Kinetics© for Palm

If you have not already downloaded Antibiotic Kinetics© for Palm, please do so before registration.

When you purchase your registration code, you will be asked to provide your User Name or HotSync ID. It is very important that you enter this precisely, or your registration will not validate. Case, spaces, and punctuation are all important.

You may read your User Name off the screen of your Palm device. From the patient data screen, tap "Go To" in the upper right hand corner. Then tap "Register", you should then see a screen like this:

Palm registration screen


Alternately, you may read your HotSync ID off the screen of your desktop PC or Mac. To do this you will need to have installed the Palm Desktop software. After starting the Palm Desktop software, look in the upper right hand corner of the main window where you will see your HotSync ID in a pulldown menu to the right of the word "User:" as in the picture below:

HotSync ID

Once again, case, spaces, and punctuation are all important. Now that you understand what information is required, please click the following link to complete your registration.

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