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Academic orders

Qualified academics receive a 40% discount on prepaid orders.

Please use this page to generate an order form to include with your payment.

  1. Complete the shipping information and select the product(s) you wish to order.
    Please note: this information is NOT sent to RxKinetics.
  2. Click the "Create order form" button to generate an order form.
  3. Print the order form.
  4. Mail the order form, along with your payment and proof of academic affiliation to the address printed on the invoice.

For credit card payment of academic orders, please contact RxKinetics for instructions.


Enter shipping information

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Select product

Qty Academic Price
APK© for Windows single license
$ 90
APK© for Windows site (network) license
$ 235
APK© for Windows and PDA single license
$ 120
APK© for Windows and PDA site (network) license
$ 330
Kinetics© for Windows single license
$ 150
Kinetics© for Windows site (network) license
$ 390
RxInterventions© for Windows site (network) license
$ 370
TPNassist© for Windows single license
$ 150
TPNassist© for Windows site (network) license
$ 390


$ 10

Select media

Programs will be shipped on CD


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