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APK© (Adult and Pediatric Kinetics) is a pharmacokinetics program stripped down to the essentials for the busy practicing pharmacist.

APK© for Windows is compact enough to run from a USB thumb drive yet powerful enough for network installation supporting multiple users.

APK© for Palm OS and Windows Mobile are the PDA companions to the Windows desktop version. Take the PDA version on rounds, it has all the features of the desktop version. Data may be fully shared with the desktop or you may choose a one-way sync to upload new data only.

APK© provides pk dosing of the most commonly used 1-compartment drugs, simplified serum level entry, and fast patient and drug model data access. APK© allows you to design dosage regimens for your patients from infants to geriatrics. If antibiotic dosing is your primary service and you need support for peds, APK© is for you.

Drug models

APK© combines comprehensive database functions and the following drug dosing protocols into a single user-friendly package.

Features of APK©

System requirements for APK©

Windows Desktop
Operating Systems
All 32- and 64-bit WindowsTM OS:
95, 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

128 MB of RAM
1.2 MB of available hard disk space

Network requirements
Supports most file-server and peer-to-peer networks for Windows.

Palm sync requirements
Palm HotSync® Manager 2.0 or higher
Serial or USB connection

Windows Mobile sync requirements
Windows ActiveSync® 3.0 or higher
Serial or USB connection

Palm OS
Operating Systems
Palm OSTM v3.0 or higher (ncluding Garnet)
Palm OSTM v5 ready

300 KB (0.3MB) of free RAM

Windows CE
Mobile Operating Systems
Windows CE 6.0
Windows Mobile 6.0TM

Windows CE 5.0
Windows Mobile 5.0TM

Windows CE 4.2
Pocket PC 2003TM

1 MB of available RAM

The APK© PDA suite

Read APK© user manual

View APK© screens

Download a free trial version

This trial version of APK© is fully functional but will expire 60 days after it has been installed.

Order APK©

APK© is priced well below other pharmacokinetics programs.

The reason is simple, no advertising expense: no salesmen, no slick brochures, no bulk mailings, and no journal ads.

Pricing structure

The price of the software license depends on the intended use:

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