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Click Edit on the menu bar then click Database maintenance.


Db maintenance tab

Click this tab to perform various database maintenance chores.

Routine database maintenance is essential to keep your databases running efficiently and error free.
You should pack your tables at least monthly, failure to do so may lead to a crash of your database.
Although not required, you should backup your data before packing.  This will ensure that you have a full backup for disaster recovery.


Select the database you wish to maintain, then click one of the active command buttons:

Pack is a routine database maintenance task that should be performed at least monthly on all 5 tables: active, inactive, and drug models.
Erase will permanently erase all patient data from either the active or inactive patient database. Use with caution, erase is permanent!
Restore will restore the original "factory default" drug models.


Backup db tab

Click this tab to backup your database tables into a compressed archive.

Select drive, folder and file name
If you select an existing filename it will be written over! The default file name is today's date.  But you can use whatever file naming scheme is best for you.
The data files are saved in a compressed form.


Restore db tab

Click this tab to restore archived database tables.

You may choose to either restore all files, or only those files which are missing.
If you choose "Restore all files", all of your in-use data will be written over! If you wish to save your existing data, please perform a Backup before restoring.


Backup and restore are powerful tools which will allow you to create archives of your data.  For example, you could periodically create an archive of your data which would allow you to purge your database while retaining access to older data.



This is a special "Read only" file which contains an archive of all the empty database tables.  This provides an easy means to start again with a clean slate.



Because this function is so powerful, it is password protected.   Please note: the  program ships without a password.  The first time you access this function it will ask for a password.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the edit drug models and database maintenance functions, so choose one that  you can easily remember. Contact the author if you should lose or forget your password.


Network considerations

All other users must be logged off in order to perform the database maintenance chores, if not, you may receive an error message:







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