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The databar is used to perform various database functions when editing the following tables:

PK models


Pausing the mouse pointer over an icon will display a tip describing its function.


Databar icon functions

Active databar icons are blue, disabled icons are "grayed-out".





First record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Up arrow

records in the database are sorted alphabetically by last name.  Clicking this icon will jump to the first record in the database.




Previous record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Left arrow

Move to the previous record in the database.




Next record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Right arrow

Move to the next record in the database.




Last record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+Down arrow

Jump to the last record in the database.




Add a new record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+ Plus button

To enter a new record, click the add icon on the database navigation bar.




Delete record

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+ Minus button

This will permanently remove the currently displayed record, use with caution!




Post (save) record data

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+P

To post (save) record data, click the post icon on the database navigation bar.




Cancel record edit

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+C

To cancel entry of a new record or to restore edited data, click the cancel icon on the database navigation bar.




Refresh record data

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+R

To refresh the record data, click the refresh icon on the database navigation bar.  A data refresh is only necessary when the program is being used within a multi-user network environment.


Automatic posting

Record data is automatically posted (saved) when you when you move to another record in the database.


Network considerations

Please read the network considerations help topic for tips on using the program on a network (LAN).



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