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Click File on the menu bar then click Edit database | Drug models.


The ability to edit drug models is one of the most powerful features of APK©, you may:

Edit any drug model.
Add your own models.
Delete any drug model


With this feature you might consider the APK© program a "Swiss army knife" for pharmacokinetics, a tool you can use to dose any drug with an open one-compartment model.



Because this function is so powerful, it is password protected. Please note: the program ships without a password.  The first time you access this function it will ask for a password.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the edit drug models and database maintenance functions, so choose one that  you can easily remember. Contact the author if you should lose or forget your password.



The buttons along the top of the editing window allow you to perform various database functions.  Hold the mouse pointer over a button for a few seconds and a tool-tip will pop up to describe it's function. See the database navigation topic for more information.



See the Model fields topic for a description of the model database fields.



The Copy button allows you to create a new model using the currently displayed model parameters.  You must provide a unique name for the new model, the easiest way to create multiple models of the same drug is to add a simple modifier to the model name.


For example, if you need to create a new Gentamicin model specific to obstetric patients:

1.Navigate to the gentamicin model
2.Click the Copy button
3.Enter the model name as Gentamicin OB
4.Edit the parameters to suit this patient population (e.g., increase Vd to 0.35 L/kg).
5.Click the Save button



The Bayesian button allows you edit the weighting of model parameters and serum level assay data.  Please refer to the Bayesian settings topic for more information.


Restoring model defaults

The drug models may be restored to their "factory" default settings via the Database maintenance function.



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