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Multi-user support

APK© supports database file sharing so that any number of users are able to open the patient and drug model files at the same time. To prevent corruption of these databases in a multi-user environment, APK©  incorporates both file and record level locks.


Record locking

In APK©, locking a record means that only the owner of the lock may modify the patient record, it never means that reading data is restricted.  The record is locked for the entire time the user is editing the record. This insures that no one else can attempt to modify the record while the user is editing it on their screen.  This prevents the situation where two people modify a patient record at the same time, the last one to save wins.


Records are locked during patient editing and whenever a dosing tab has the focus.  If someone else attempts to edit the locked record or to calculate a dose for that patient, the following error message will be displayed:




To unlock the record, click the Post icon post on the databar or click back to the Patient data tab.


Potential problem:

Record locking is susceptible to what is called "the coffee break syndrome" where a user locks the record then goes away from their station without posting or clicking back to the patient data tab. The consequence here is that all other users are prevented from editing and calculating a dose for this one patient.


File locking

File locking is active while someone is adding a new patient to the active patient database.  Until that new record is posted, no one else will be able to add a new patient.  If another user attempts to add a new record to the locked file, the following error message will be displayed:




A new record is posted by clicking the Post icon post on the databar or by selecting a dosing method.


Potential problem:

File locking is also susceptible to the "the coffee break syndrome", however the consequences here are more serious.  File locking will stop every other user from adding new patients or reactivating patients from the inactive database.


Therefore, all network users must understand that, in consideration of others, please post new records ASAP.


Database maintenance

All other users must be logged off in order to perform the routine database maintenance chores, if not, you will receive an error message:








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