Patient data entry


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Tip: Use the Tab key to move between fields instead of clicking the mouse on every input box (this has been a Windows convention since the 1980's, you should get used to it).


Patient data fields

Patient's name (Lastname, Firstname)
Medical record number
Location (room number)
Consult (leave unchecked if this is an intervention)
Attending physician's name
Age in years, months, or days (must be greater than zero)
Age unit (years, months, or days)
Height in cm. To enter inches, Right Click on the height input box.
Weight in kg. To enter pounds, Right Click on the weight input box.
Gender: Click male or female.
Enter the most recent serum creatinine. To enter units, Right Click on the SCr input box.
Enter a previous serum creatinine (if available) and the number of days between it and the most recent serum creatinine.  These fields may be left blank.


Patient index

The patient database is indexed on both the Patient name and Medical record number.  When saving a new patient, the program checks for pre-existing entries in the active and inactive databases.  The program will alert you if the patient is already on file.


Creatinine clearance

For adults, the program calculates creatinine clearance using both the Cockcroft and Gault and the Jelliffe methods.  Select the method you wish to use as the basis of your dosage calculation.  You may also select other creatinine clearance methods by cllicking the "Other"  option.  For pediatric patients, only the Schwartz method is utilized, therefore this selection is disabled.


The calculated creatinine clearance may be overridden if, for example, the patient has a measured creatinine clearance.  Enter the creatinine clearance you wish to use in the appropriate input box.


Patient data limits


If any patient data is outside normal, it will be displayed in red.  This does not mean that the data is wrong.  These "red flags" are only meant to alert you to potential data input errors.


In addition to the patient data warnings, there are absolute patient data limits hard-coded into the program.  If you enter patient data outside of these limits then you will be unable to select a drug dosing methodology.


Between 1 day and 110 years


Between 30 and 213 cm


Between 2 and 299 kg


Between 0.3 and 24 mg%


The following age-specific data limits are also in force.  Once again, if you enter patient data outside of these limits you will be unable to select a drug dosing methodology.

Age 10 yrs to adult

Weight: 20-250kg, height: 99-213cm

Age 6 to 9 yrs

Weight: 20-250kg, height: 99-213cm

Age 4 to 5 yrs

Weight: 5-60kg, height: 50-140cm

Age 2 to 3 yrs

Weight: 2-40kg, height: 30-115cm

Age 1 mo to 1 yr

Weight: 2-25kg, height: 30-100cm

Age 1 week to 1 mo

Weight: 2-14kg, height: 30-75cm

Age < 1 week

Weight: 2-10kg, height: 30-65cm




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