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The patient data tab initially displays a search box and one button.


The function of the button is to view a MRU (most recently used) list, click to view a list of most recently accessed records.


To retrieve a patient (or view a list of patients):

Leave the search box blank and press Enter to list all patients alphabetically.
Or type in a patient name and press Enter.
APK© will list all records matching your search spec.
Enter less information (last name only) for a broader search, or more (last, first) for a more specific search.


If an exact match is found, that patient record will be displayed.


If an exact match is not found, or wild card search was performed, a list of matches will be displayed:


To retrieve a patient from the list, double click on the patient name. To close the patient list press the "Esc" key or click on the search box.


Clicking the MRU button displays a list of the most recently accessed records:


To retrieve a patient from the MRU list, click on the name.


The Add and Re-activate icons become visible only after a search is performed. This is to minimize duplicate record entry:


Add a new record

Click the add icon to create a new blank record record.




To list patients in the inactive database

Click the re-activate icon to retrieve an inactive patient.


After patient retrieval, or upon creation of a new record, patient demographic data is displayed. See the Patient data topic for a description of the fields.


There are five icons related to patient data editing:


Close record

Keyboard shortcut: Alt + X

Close current record and return to patient search.




Discharge patient

To move the currently displayed patient record to the inactive patient database, click the discharge icon on the database navigation bar.

Please read the note below on discharging patients.




Edit record

To change record data, click the edit icon.

Please note: until the changes are saved or canceled all other program functions are disabled.




Save record

Keyboard shortcut: Alt + S

Click this icon to save the current record record.  This icon is only enabled during edit or add mode.



Cancel patient edit

Keyboard shortcut = Alt+C

To cancel entry of a new patient or to restore edited data, click the cancel icon on the database navigation bar.


Discharging patients

Patient records consume very little storage space, therefore, unless you are certain that you will never access a patient's file again, it is not necessary to perform the discharge function unless you prefer to maintain separate lists of active and inactive patients.




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