Prospective dosing

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After selecting a drug model you may modify any of the displayed model parameters (+/- 25% of default parameters):

Target peak,  peak predict time, and target trough.
Length of infusion
Dosing weight and Vd per kg, used to calculate Volume of distribution:

Vd = DW x Vd L/kg (x CF)

Nonrenal and Renal constants,  used to calculate elimination rate or clearance:

Kel (or CL) = Nonrenal + [Renal x CrCl]


Note: default model parameters are changed with the drug model editor.


Pediatric dosing

Please note that prospective pediatric dosing is weight-based instead of kinetic based, because of the inaccuracy of pediatric creatinine clearance methods.


Extended interval

EI dosing is enabled if:

1.the model supports extended-interval dosing (aminoglycosides), and
2.the patient is an adult, and
3.the CrCl is greater than 30 ml/min.





Retrieve previous analysis



If there is a previous serum level analysis on record for this patient, the Retrieve button will be enabled.

Click to select the most recent consult, regardless of drug.
To narrow the search to a specific drug, select a model first then Click.
The retrieve function will fill in the model parameters with the most recently calculated serum level analysis. The date when that historical model was calculated is also displayed.
Hover the mouse anywhere over the ‘Edit model parameters’ frame to display more details about the historical model (weight, CrCl, measured trough, Kel, and Vd).
Click the “Restore” button to switch to the population model. You can use the “Retrieve” and “Restore” buttons to toggle back and forth between population and historical models for comparison.





Ideal dose calculation



Click the Calculate button to display the Kel, Vd, and the ideal dosing regimen for the patient and model selected.


You then enter a practical dose and interval.  The program will calculate and display an estimated steady-state peak and trough level.


To view the dose in mg/kg, hover the mouse pointer over the dose input box.


Please Note:

After a dose and interval are entered, the Print and View Graph functions are enabled.

If you wish to have a serum level graph printed on your dosing consult, click  the View Graph icon graphbtn then click Save Graph.



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