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To access settings:

Click File then Settings from the menu bar



Because a change in settings affect all users, it is password protected.


The APK© program ships without a password. The first time you access setup you will be asked for a password and then asked to reenter to confirm it.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the settings function, so choose one that you can easily remember.  If you should lose or forget your password, contact RxKinetics for help in recovering it.


Consult print-out

Header - Enter the "title" of your consult form in the text box. The default is "dosing consultation".


Bardcode: Data to encode

Select the barcode content: MRN (Medical Record Number) or free text. If selecting free text, enter the text you wish to encode.

Bardcode: Position

Select the position on the consult where the barcode will print.


Serum creatinine

Adjust for IDMS SrCr - IDMS SrCr is usually reported at 10-20% less than traditional SrCr.


If your lab reports creatinine via the IDMS method then you may choose to adjust the SrCr used in CrCl equations.


Enter the linear regression equation used to correct the SrCr (Y' = aX + b):

a = regression coefficient

b = intercept of the line.


Use minimum SrCr - choose to employ a minimum creatinine in CrCl equations by checking the box. Then enter the minimum SrCr you will be using.


Creatinine clearance weight adjustment

These parameters determine the magnitude of the obesity correction factor and the point at which it begins.

These factors are used to calculate the Adjusted Body Weight used in the Cockcroft and Gault ABW equation.

% of weight above lean body weight

A correction factor (CF) is used in the AdjBW equation as follows:

AdjBW = LBW + [CF x (TBW - LBW)]

The CF is 20% by default, but may be changed to fit your preference.

For example, to always use LBW (never correct for obesity) change CF to zero.

The allowable range is 0 to 100%.

If BMI greater than

Enter the BMI threshold where the correction factor is to begin. The default is BMI > 30.1. The allowable range is BMI 30 to 40.


Login policy

Close login to new users - Check this box to only allow someone with knowledge of the password to add new users (Closed login policy).  Uncheck to allow new users the ability to add their own log in (Open login policy).


The APK program ships with an Open login policy (otherwise no one would be able to log in!).


To comply with HIPAA standards, the login should be closed thereafter.



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