Virtual log paper


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To display the Virtual log paper dialog:

Click Tools then Virtual log paper on the menu bar


Select Solve for

Select the unknown pk variable to solve for. The choices are:

Dose: requires volume of dist. in liters, and dose date & time.
Vd: requires dose in mg, and dose date & time.
Neither: no variable calculation, no additional parameters required.


Enter dose date/time

Enter the date and time the patient received the dose.


The date and time of the dose are required if you elect to solve for an unknown variable. If solve for is "Neither", dose date & time entries are disabled.


If the precise time is unknown, you may enter an approximate time. However, it should go without saying, the accuracy of the output is a function of the accuracy of the inputs.


Enter serum level data

Select the appropriate unit the serum levels are reported in.


Next, enter the measured enter serum level(s) and the date and time they were drawn.


You may enter 2 to 4 levels. The first two levels are required. All others are optional.


Levels must be entered in date/time order, with the oldest serum level at the top of the grid.


If only 2 points are entered, the value of the second level must be less than that of the first level.



After all data have been entered, click the Calculate button to derive the pk model.


The following parameters are calculated and displayed in a summary dialog:

Kel (elimination rate constant).
Half-life in hours.
Cpmax (maximum plasma concentration at time zero).
Dose in mg (if solving) or Vol dist in liters (if solving).


Click the "Yes" button on the summary dialog to create a graph. Or click "No" to return to the main dialog.



The graph is a logarithmic plot of the data points and the calculated regression line.

Click the "Print" button on the graph dialog to print a summary report.
Or click "Cancel" to return to the main dialog.







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