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Highlights of recent changes


1.Added targeted AUC dosing dialog
2.Added [Pk/PD] shortcut button to dosing recommendation frames.
3.Improved population analysis tool
4.Improved F1 help system
5.Added Bayesian goodness-of-fit to results dialog
6.Added point prediction tool
7.Added virtual log paper tool
8.Added setup dialog.
9.Added check for update on startup
10.Added save consult as PDF
11.Added copy to clipboard button to print dialog.



Major changes in APK© version 3.5:


1. Added simplified patient retrieval.
2. Added MRU list of most recent patients accessed.
3. Added password to log-in and encrypted database for HI-TECH act compliance.
4. Add user access (login) viewer (also a HI-TECH act requirement)
5. Added IDMS SrCr adjustment settings.
6. Added Levels scheduler tool.
7. Added word doc template for Monitor form printing.
8. Added real-time x, y graph scaling.
9. Added support for dual monitors.
10. Added copy to clipboard button on consult preview (allows pasting consult into EMR)
11. Added graph to population regression analysis.
12. Added export function to report writer.
13. Improved Bayesian function to allow single point analysis outside dosing interval.
14. Added ability to resize APK windows.


Minor changes in version 3.5:

1. Added save last CrCl method used.
2. Added BMI calculation to patient data tab.
3. Added mouse hover to view dose in mg/kg.
4. Added option to adjust CL to IBW.
5. Added check for duplicate model name.
6. Added ability to edit "canned" consult comments.
7. Added time to consult print-out.
8. Added time to 90% and 95% steady-state on consult print-out.
9. Added save window position for each user.
10. Updated SrCr fields to 2 decimal places (IDMS).


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