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APK© may be interfaced with Pharmacy Information Systems  by passing patient data via the command line.


There are 12 fields in the parameter string.  Each field must be followed by the caret symbol (^), including the last field.  The first 11 fields are required.  The drug model name is optional


Important: the parameter string must be enclosed in double quotes (see example).


Required fields

1.  User login name

2.  Patient name (required format is Lastname, Firstname)

3.  Medical record number

4.  Attending physician name

5.  Location (ie, room number)

6.  Date of birth (required format is MM/DD/YYYY)

7.  Height in cm

8.  Weight in Kg

9.  Gender (M or F)

10. Date SrCr drawn (required format is MM/DD/YYYY)

11. Serum creatinine in mg/dL


Optional fields

12. Drug model name


An example

[path to executable]\apk.exe "Joe Pharm^Patlastname, Firstname^5895746^King^S3245^01/17/1947^182.9^75^M^1^01/17/2006^Vancomycin CL^"



An error will occur if the user login name does not match an existing user.


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