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To preview the consult form:

Click Print on the menu bar then click Print consult
Click the Print consult icon on the toolbar
Or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+P.


This function prepares a chart-ready consult form for your signature.


Please note

Until a dose and interval has been entered, Print options are disabled.
If you wish to print a serum level graph on your dosing consult, click View Graph then click the Save Graph button.
It is very important that you print a consult form because it this is the "trigger" to save the consult and pk data for future reports and analysis. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to ALWAYS PRINT YOUR CONSULTS.


Print options

Consult header

This appears as the title of your print-out.  The default is the drug name plus "dosing consultation".  You may enter whatever header is appropriate to your practice, some possible choices include "dosing recommendation", or "pharmacokinetics consult", etc.


Click any of the assessment buttons to print an assessment section on the printout.

Predicted serum level

Click the check box if you wish the serum level prediction to also display +/- one standard deviation.

Serum level graph

Click the check box if you wish to print the serum level graph.

Bar code

Click the check box to print a bar code. Then select what to code and what position to print.


To print any of the "canned" comments, click the check box beside the comment.

You may edit these standard comments by clicking the delta button to the right.

A free text area is provided for entering miscellaneous comments to appear on the consult.




Click the Print button to save the consult and preview the printout.



Click the PDF button to save the consult as a PDF file.



Click the Copy button to save the consult and copy the text to the Windows clipboard.






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