Print monitoring form


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To print the monitoring form:

Click Print on the menu bar then click Print monitor
Click the Print monitor icon on the toolbar
Or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+M.


This function prints a monitoring form to be used for recording patient data (labs, vital signs, etc)  to facilitate the pharmaceutical care process.

Please note: until a dose and interval has been entered, print options are disabled.


Word template

A Microsoft Word document is the default method used for the monitoring form.
Please see the Word template topic for more information.
If APK© does not detect Word, an alternate method is used.


Print options

Please note: these fields are printed on the monitoring form, but not saved in the database.

Allergies: enter known allergies.
Chief complaint: enter diagnosis/chief complaint.




Print preview

If the Word template is used (default method), the form is printed directly.


If the alternate method is used, the monitoring form is first shown as a preview.





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