Print database reports


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To create a database report:

Click Print on the menu bar then click Reports
Click the Report icon on the toolbar
Or use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+R.


Whenever you print a dosing consult, a summary of that consult is saved. This function allows you to print various reports based on this data.


Please note that the "trigger" the program uses to save consult data is the printing of the consult.  It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to ALWAYS PRINT YOUR CONSULTS.


Report types

The report writer allows you to create two types of reports based on consult data, Workload and Consult. Don't be put off by the simple interface of the report writer, this is a powerful tool that will allow you to create many different reports based on your saved consult data.



Print all consults within a specified date range, sorted by date, drug, consultant, or attending.



Print specific consults within a specified date range.

You may search for a specific drug, patient, consultant or attending.


Access log

Select this option to print a log of program access, a HIPPA/HI-TECH requirement. This is simply a record of who has logged into APK© and when. This report does not access any saved consult data.


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