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To view the inactive patient list:

Click the Reactivate icon


This function displays a list of all inactive patients and provides the following functions:

Search inactive records
Reactivate patient record
Delete patient record


Inactive patient search

To look up a patient by name, enter the first few letters of the last name in the "Seek last name" input box, the list will move to matching record as you type.


Reactivate patient record

Click on a patient name in the list OR use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the patient you wish to reactivate then click the Reactivate button.
Or double click on the patient name.


Delete patient record

Select the record you wish to delete using any of the above methods.
Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.
Warning: the record will be permanently deleted, you can never recover this record.


Click Close to return to the main APK©  window.





Network considerations

In a multi-user network environment, file locking and record locking is necessary to prevent database corruption.  The active patient database is locked while someone is adding a new patient.  Until that new record is posted, no one else will be able to reactivate or add another new patient.  If another user has the file locked and you attempt to reactivate a patient, the following error message will be displayed.  Try reactivating again at a later time.




Please read the network considerations help topic for more information on networking.





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