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To access the web update function:

Click Help then Check for updates on the menu bar.


Web update will check, download, and install APK updates from the RxKinetics web site. A live connection to the internet is required.  If you dial-up to connect, please do so before proceeding with the web update.


There are three steps to the web update process:


Step One

Click the Check button to access the RxKinetics web site to check for available updates.  If a newer version is available, a message box will inform you. Click "Yes" to proceed to the update page.


Step Two

A running program cannot be replaced.  Therefore, you must exit APK before installing an update. Web update will not complete the install step until you close APK..


Step Three

After you have closed the APK program, click the Download button to begin the update process.


To exit without installing, click the Cancel button on  the web update window.


After a successful download, the update process will automatically begin.






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