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The BBVM project

Welcome to the RxKinetics Build a Better Vancomycin Model project.


Historically, vancomycin has been a difficult drug to model. A quick review of the medical literature reveals many diverse model derivations. Many of these models are based on analysis of relatively small patient samples.



The primary goal of this project is simple, by pooling the data from the hundreds of APK© and Kinetics© users, we may be able to improve upon current vancomycin model(s).

A secondary goal is to possibly publish the results of the analysis. Your contribution will be acknowledged if the data is published.


A population analysis tool was added to Kinetics© with version 1.1.12, and APK© with version 3.3.9. Since then, each time you print a retrospective consult, the program saves the pk parameters and patient demographics. Using the population analysis tool, and given enough data, you can derive model parameters specific for your patient population, or subpopulation.

There is no confidential patient information in these files, no names or ID numbers. Your hospital is not identified in any way, there is no way to trace this data back to a specific patient. Your contribution does not breech patient confidentiality in any way.


It is very simple to contribute to this project:

  1. Select the population analysis tool.
  2. Select Vanco 1 cpt model, for the past year, on all patients.
  3. Select "Export" and give the file some unique name (it doesn't matter).
  4. Send this file to as an email attachment.
  5. In the body of the email, tell me which program you're using, and whether you are dealing with an acute or chronic patient population, i.e., hospital vs home care.

I would then compile all of this data into a spreadsheet and share the results here.

If enough data is compiled, the primary goal of the project will be met. Without your contributions, it will all be for naught. It's up to you.

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