FreeKin update

It’s a FreeKin update yo’.

I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since I wrote this FreeKin modeler program. It was originally written in Delphi 5, which I no longer have installed on my PC. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Delphi XE2 imported it without a hitch.

I made a few FreeKin tweaks here and there:

  • Increased the size of the fonts and the dialogs.
  • Added a save to xls function.
  • Improved the report function.
  • Wrote a new help file (RTFM).
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the interface flow.

I doubt if anyone else has ever used this FreeKin modeler program, but I love it. Not just for the double entendre name, but also for the simplicity and no nonsense practicality.

Enjoy FreeKin, I do!

Main FreeKin Screen

Main FreeKin Screen

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