Web site revamp

I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks simplifying rxkinetics.com in order to make the information easier to find. The home page is now a simple link tree, ugly but functional.

All vestiges of the message board, listserv and wiki have been removed. I’ve tried every setting to prevent it, but spammers keep finding ways to post inappropriate topics, mainly PPC (pills, porn, casinos). These features of the web site have never been popular, pharmacists with real jobs don’t have time for them. The only recent postings are from spambots. In the last year it has become completely overwhelming with spam posts every day. I have no time to deal with this idiocy. These vandals are ruining the internet.

RxKinetics.com is still ad-free. I stubbornly refuse to allow advertising on my web site. As a frequent web surfer myself, I hate intrusive ads and consider them another form of spam. I have used AdBlock for years, but many web sites have now installed block detectors and refuse entry to their web site if an ad blocker is in use. I find it disheartening to see this takeover of the web by advertising. Google is the worst offender. I mean, really, how much money do they need? If you want to keep this tiny corner of the web ad free, please buy something, anything, please?

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