Doors of perception

Reviewing my search console report today I found the most linked page on my web site is my review of AUC guided dosing of vancomycin.

In the top linked text section I found “how precisepk helps pharmacist compliance”.

So naturally I pulled up their web site and found this insightful graph.
AUC comparison

As you can see, APK performs better than all except precise. The reason for its claim to greater accuracy is simple, they use a 2-compartment model.

I have mentioned this numerous times but it bears repeating, the one compartment pk model for vancomycin always underpredicts “true” AUC because it excludes the distribution phrase.

My contention is that over-estimating AUC, as precise sometimes does, may result in subtherapeutic dosage regimens.

DoseMe, Insight, and Precise are an order of magnitude greater in cost than APK. BestDose (formerly USCPACK) has been in development for decades and is still not ready for prime-time.

If you need a pk tool that is simple, accurate and inexpensive there is only one, APK.

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