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Kinetics component checker

Purpose of this program

The Kinetics component checker is a tool which inspects your PC for components required by the Kinetics program.

Kinetics requires dozens of supporting files including Active-X components. Error 91 is a nonspecific start-up error which is usually caused by a missing or incorrectly installed component. This tool is used to troubleshoot the Error 91 message. The Kinetics program will throw an Error 91 if any of the following conditions are present:

  1. Missing supporting files.
  2. Version conflicts between the supporting files.
  3. Missing or corrupt windows registry keys.

The Kinetics component checker has three basic functions:

  1. Scan your system and generate a list of installed components.
  2. Save the list of components - which can then be emailed to RxKinetics support for evaluation.
  3. Re-create missing or corrupt registry keys.



  1. From the link below, download the program to your desktop.

  2. After the download, double click the dllcheck icon on your desktop.

  3. After a few minutes a report will appear on screen. This reports lists the supporting files required by Kinetics, and the corresponding file versions and dates which are found on your PC.

  4. If you see "Not found" beside a file name, then a supporting file is missing. Please re-install the program from the original installation CD or contact for advice.

  5. If you are experiencing an "Error 91" message with Kinetics©, Click the Register icon. Register
    Note: you must have admin privileges to register components.

  6. Restart Kinetics. If the problem persists, click the Save icon. Save

  7. Attach the report, Kinetics.txt, to an email and send to

Database corruption

Database corruption (which occurs rarely) may also cause an Error 91.

If you believe the Kinetics database was corrupted, e.g., following a server crash, do not attempt to repair the database with desktop Access. Access will irreversibly change the structure of the Kinetics database, rendering it useless.

Instead, please download the Kinetics database repair tool.

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