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These programs are not demo's or trial versions, they do not expire, and they are free to use for educational, non-commercial use.

We do however ask for a small donation if you find the software useful in your practice. This is the only way we know whether to continue further development of the software.

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FreeKin© Modeler for Windows™

FreeKin© is a tool developed to help translate the literature data into a practical pk model useful for designing dosing regimens. A one-compartment open model is created, via a wizard interface, using literature values of half-life, volume of distribution and target serum levels.

Half-life Calculator© for Windows™

Half-life calculator© is a tool for calculating and graphing pk parameters based on serum level data.

KinPlot© for Windows™

KinPlot© is a pharmacokinetic plotting application intended to be a learning tool for pharmacy students to visualize basic pharmacokinetic concepts of 1-compartment models.

Lithium Dose Predictor© for Windows™ and MacOS™

Lithium Dose Predictor© is an application for calculating lithium dosage requirements utilizing either of the following methods:

  • Single point Perry method
  • Two point Perry method
  • Single point Cooper method
  • Zetin predictive equation

PK_calc© for Windows™

PK_calc© is a tool for predicting non-steady-state serum levels from an open, one-compartment linear model. The program is designed to use the "Pharmacokinetic Data" table in the Appendix of Goodman and Gillman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (not included!).

RikiTikiWiki© for Windows™

RikiTikiWiki© is a desktop wiki, an information sharing tool for collecting and organizing shared knowledge into a hyper-linked, searchable database.



These programs are not demo's or trial versions, they do not expire, and they are free to use for educational, non-commercial use without any charge.

Antibiotic Kinetics© for DOS

Antibiotic Kinetics© for DOS is a text based program which runs under MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, and within a DOS box under any version of Windows. It is a fast and functional program which features patient database support, serum level plots, and reporting functions (printing is limited however with newer versions of Windows). This application is keyboard driven and does not support mouse clicks. Antibiotic Kinetics© for DOS does NOT include Bayesian or pediatrics. This program is absolutely free, no shareware payment required or requested. Download the installer onto your Desktop or c:\temp folder, then click on the APKDOS icon to begin the installation.

LabMod© for Windows

LabMod© is a simple tool for creating, storing and printing miscellaneous labels to old-timey dot matrix printers. It is designed to print single column pin fed labels sized from 1 inch to 4 inches. The program may be setup to print directly to a dot matrix printer, bypassing the Windows print manager.

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