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RxKinetics solutions for iOS

There are two solutions available for iOS devices (i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod touch):

RxKinetics WebApp
Accessed via your device's web browser.
Antibiotic Kinetics© native iOS app
Available for download through the iTunes app store.

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of the WebApp is that it can be accessed from any PC, phone or device with an internet connection. The disadvantage is that a live internet connection is required.

The main advantages of the Native app is that it does not require a live internet connection and the drug models can be edited.


Feature comparison

WebApp Native App
Editable drug model database
No internet connection necessary
Accessible via any desktop PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Accessible via any smart phone with a web browser (Android, iPhone, Windows)
Site license available
Nutritional assessment app
Drip chart app
Consult summary may be emailed
Serum level plots
Pediatric dosing
Bayesian analysis
Extended interval "once-daily"
aminoglycoside dosing

Screen shot comparison

WebApp Native App

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