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To create a database report:

Click on the Report icon
Select File, then Reports, then Database reports from the menu bar, OR
Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+R


Whenever you print a dosing consult, a summary of that consult is saved.  This function allows you to print various reports based on this data.  Please note that the "trigger" to saving a consult is the printing of the consult.


The report writer allows you to create two types of reports:


Print all consults within a date range, sorted by date, drug, consultant, or attending.


Print specific consults within a previous number of days. You may search for a specific drug, patient, consultant or attending.


How to create a Consults report

Do not be put off by the simple interface of the report writer, this is a powerful tool that will allow you to create many different reports based on your consult summary data.


1.Click on the Consults selection.


2.Select a Starting and Ending date.


3.Select a Field to search from the drop down selection: Drug, Consultant, Attending, Patient.


4.In the Find box type in the name you want to search for.


5.You may optionally choose to filter the report. For example, you can use a report filter to create a listing of all patients with Vancomycin trough greater than 20.  To filter the report:
i.Select a Field to filter: Age, Weight, CrCl, Trough.
ii.Select a Logic operator from the drop down selection: =, <, </=, >/=.
iii.In the Filter box type in a number.


6.Select a Sort by option from the drop down selection: Date, Drug, Consultant, Attending, Patient.


Print preview

A print preview window allows you to view the reports before printing.


The preview window has seven command buttons:


Exit the preview window

First page (only active in multi-page reports)

Previous page

Next page

Last page

Jump to page

Print the report



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