Define data tracker


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To access data tracker definitions:

Click File then Edit database then Monitor parameters from the menu bar


This function is used to activate and define columns for the optional data tracker. The data tracker function is used to record miscellaneous data such as labs, I/O's, vitals, weights, etc.


Check the box under the Show column to display the associated column.  Uncheck to hide the column.
The maximum length of a column description is 12 characters.
Column descriptions are not mapped to data, they are free text, therefore it is very important that you do not change the names or inactivate columns after you begin tracking data.



This function is password protected. Kinetics© ships without a password. The first time you access a password protected function it will ask for a password and then ask you to reenter to confirm it.  Thereafter, this will be the password required to access the define data tracker function, so choose one that you can easily remember.




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