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Click on the menu bar to access important program functions and help. Keyboard shortcuts are also available for the more frequently used functions.


File menu

Backup database

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Copy the database files to a removable media for safe keeping.  Because the individual patient records are so small, a Kinetics database containing 2,000 patients and 4,000 consults would easily fit onto one high density 3.5" floppy.

Clean database

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

This function is password protected.  

Description: Merge duplicate patient records and optionally delete patients without a saved consult. This function should be used when you notice there are duplicate records in the patient database.

Repair database

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Repair and compress the database.  This function should be used at least monthly, as a routine preventative maintenance to ensure that the database can be accessed efficiently without unexpected errors.

Edit database

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

These functions are password protected.  

Drip chart meds

Description: Add/edit/delete drip chart meds.  This function allows you to customize the drip chart meds to fit your practice.

Monitor parameters

Description:  This used to activate and define columns for the optional data tracker function

PK models

Description: Add/edit/delete pharmacokinetic models.  This function allows you to customize the pharmacokinetic drug models to fit your patient population(s).


Description: Add/edit/delete users.  This function allows you to manage those who are authorized to have access to the program.


Database report

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+D.

Description: Create various reports from previous consults.

Drip chart

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+I.

Description: Create drip rate chart for IV drug administration.

Population analysis

Keyboard shortcut:  (none)

Description: Analyze drug models from your saved patient data.


This function is password protected.  

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S.

Description: Set defaults used by the program.  This function is described in the Setup topic.

Delete patient

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Permanently deletes the currently displayed patient. This is only recommended for removal of mistaken entries, see the Discharge patient topic for further explanation.

Log Out

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+O

Description: Quickly log out without exiting the Kinetics program. This feature, along with a strict PC security policy will help you comply with HIPAA.


Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Description:  Exit the Kinetics program.


Print menu

Consult form

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+P.

Description: Print chart-ready consult form.

A check mark beside Include graph or Include ideal dose indicates they will be printed. Click to uncheck (exclude).

Consult to clipboard

Shortcut: Right click on the Print icon.

Description: Copy the consult to the Windows clipboard. You can then use Ctrl+V to paste the consult into a EMR.

Monitoring form

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+M.

Description: Print monitoring form to record patient follow-up.

Levels schedule

Keyboard shortcut:  (none)

Description: Print form to schedule lab collection times.


View menu

Data tracker

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+T

Description: Display data tracker form for current patient..

Previous consults

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Description: View all previous consults for the current patient.


Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+G

Description: View a serum level graph of the currently selected dose.


Tools menu

Calculate hold time

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Description: Calculate hold time, the time it takes for serum level to fall from a starting level to a target level.

Evaluate dose by weight

Keyboard shortcut: (none)

Description: Display dose by weight in mg/kg/dose and mg/kg/day.

Point prediction

Keyboard shortcut:  (none)

Description: Predict serum level at a specific point in the chosen dosage regimen.

Population analysis

Keyboard shortcut:  (none)

Description: Analyze drug models from your saved patient data.


Help menu


Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: View the table of contents for this help file.


Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: View the index for this help file.


Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Perform keyword search of Kinetics help file.

Check for updates

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Check, download, and install Kinetics updates on the RxKinetics web site.

web site FAQ's

Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Read frequently asked questions on the RxKinetics website via your web browser.


Keyboard shortcut: (none).

Description: Displays program version and email link to RxKinetics.


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